Motor City Electric ServicesThe Complete Package

The dictionary defines complete as “having all necessary parts, elements, or steps.” Motor City Electric Co. (MCE) meets that criterion to be your complete electrical contracting provider. We provide customers with complete systems and services from design and construction to installation, operations, maintenance, and service.
Truly, The Complete Package

In-House Engineering

Numerous projects, including Design/Build (D/B) and Design/Assist (D/A) ones, can benefit from our in-house engineering department that includes licensed Professional Engineers as well as designers and engineers skilled and experienced in 3D modeling, CAD, BIM, and Revit.

In-House Fabrication

Need something special or out of the ordinary? Our in-house fabrication shop is one of the best. We can create a single customer piece or multiple ones. We also have an in-house panel ship to design, build, and fabricate electrical panels specific to our customer’s requirements.