TCF Center Field Hospital

-Steve Domonkos, John Kull, and Tom Tuskey, ( Detroit Regional Convention Facility Authority.) 

Important Projects During Covid-19:


Motor City Electric Co. employees and company members have been working non-stop over the past weeks in an effort to assist in any way possible during the COVID-19 pandemic. Since the beginning of April, members of MCE management have been tirelessly working alongside the Army Core of Engineers. Together with the Detroit Regional Convention Facility Authority, teams were able to quickly convert the TCF center, formerly known as Cobo, into a field hospital with nearly 1,000 beds. As a result of being an essential business, MCE has taken extreme caution in response to work safety during COVID-19.


You can find further information regarding the process here.


Expressing Thanks:


A multitude of employees and affiliate branches of Motor City Electric Co., took part in the completion of this project. Motor City Electric Technologies Inc., Foreman, Kevin Watson is one of the managers responsible for a team. Kevin shared some information about a few tasks necessary for the conversion.

“…Our task for the TCF Field Hospital was to install and test data and phone outlets throughout the hospital area for the nurses and doctors to use for the patient information and personal communications… we were also asked to set up data and voice communications…” – Kevin Watson.

The turnover time on this project is essential in times of uncertainty. The ability of our team members and local organizations to work together so flawlessly makes us proud to represent our community.

“… I just want to thank each and every one of you for all of your help, knowledge, and commitment… This project and mission (were) so essential for the City of Detroit, and Michigan… This is the first hospital in the nation that I’m hearing is fully turned over for use by the state… I am so glad to have met each and every one of you…” – Keith Kropfreiter (Project Engineer, United States Army Core Of Engineers.)

Similarly, we at MCE and our Affiliates would like to express our thanks for the effort of our employees. We would also like to thank team members within the Army Core of Engineers. Together we worked diligently to provide safety for our communities. Please stay safe during the time we wish the best for all within our community to stay healthy!



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