Safety First

Employees are the heart of the Motor City Electric Co., team. Job safety is a fundamental part of our business. MCE is committed to building and sustaining a workplace environment completely free of incidents and injuries. Motor City Electric Co., treats safety as an integral part of our culture rather than a corporate priority. We believe that all accidents are preventable. MCE is committed to supporting all employees while achieving this certainty and outcome. Our culture is not a guarantee nor is it a prescription. Safety is a journey we take together to improve our lives through communication and safe practices at home, at work, and at play. MCE has established and maintained a committee composed of management and front line employees. This committee is dedicated to reviewing safety conditions at job sites, and addressing safety concerns among employees, safety incidents, or injuries that may have occurred.

Upon hire with Motor City Electric Co., employees go through the company’s safety orientation. This includes safety training on safe electrical work practices, fall protection, lockout tag out, mobile elevated work platforms, lead, and asbestos, as well as many other topics. The site supervisor is responsible for going over any pre-task plan or hazard analysis for the tasks to be completed while covering safety procedures per task. Motor City Electric Co., works closely with our customers and their safety directors throughout our construction and development processes. Aaron Munoz, the Safety Director at MCE’s dedicated safety facility said, “We have great people, and great customers, all sharing the same ideals for advancing the industry in safety practices.”

Motor City Electric Co.’s Safety Affiliations

Motor City Electric Co., Safety Affiliations

Quality Practices

Motor City Electric Co. is a Quality Provider of complete electrical construction services. We achieved this through coordinated, intensive project management based on an ISO 9001:2015 certified quality system partnered with a superior operating system. MCE adheres to a multitude of checks and balances to ensure that all projects are built to exact specifications. To meet quality control and quality assurance standards, we have an operations manual that outlines detailed work instructions. These work instructions include process and capability reviews as well as detailed checking procedures from sales to job closeout.

Additionally, we hold monthly quality meetings to address new developments and proactive quality practices across all departments from office to field. Re-evaluating our quality standards on a regular basis affords us the ability to implement detailed and simplified ways to convey our processes most effectively throughout the company at large. At Motor City Electric Co, all of our work practices encompass our quality standards. Within our UL listed panel building and prefabrication department, we are constantly working to save our clients time and money while maintaining consistent quality practices. Employees operate in a safe, temperature-controlled environment in order to increase efficiency and reduce waste on job-sites.

Motor City Electric Co.’s Quality Affiliations



As a major electrical contractor across the U.S. Motor City Electric Co. has a responsibility to maintain safe and best practices within the industry. We take this obligation seriously and look to our people as the leaders of our success. Motor City Electric Co., has become a member contractor of ISNetworld, and Avetta. These affiliations give us the ability to track the supplier management process including contractor safety and risk management. Supply chain risk management is important because even one simple glitch can disrupt the entire end-to-end process.