Data Centers / Automated Controls / Information Technology

Huron Valley Electric’s expertise and attention to detail is well established when it comes to installing Data Centers and Information Technology facilities. Our extensive knowledge and our ability to harmonize with other trades involved makes for unparalleled success of our completed projects. Listed below are recent projects that exemplify our experience in this field.

JP Morgan Chase Bank Data Center

  • 68,000 square foot addition
  • Installed the buildings control systems
  • System design incorporated multiple redundant control automation for cooling, emergency power and data center units

University of Michigan MCIT Data Center

  • State of the art data center consisting of 47,800 square foot.
  • Complete with a central plant, emergency back-up systems, UPS power, 14,500 square foot of raised computer floor space and support areas
  • Significant electrical aspects of this project include the following
    • Data Center will house 10 petabytes, which is equivalent to 10 million gigabytes
    • 2 generators capable of producing up to 4,000,000 watts of electricity
    • 2 rotary UPS systems capable of generating 2,600,000 watts of electricity for 15 minutes
    • 94 electrical panel boards, 4,000 circuits
    • 82 miles of wire, 18,000 wire terminations and 23 miles of conduit

Additional Projects

  • Chelsea Community Hospital Information Services Facility
  • M & I Financial Data Services

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